Tungsten Copper Support Plate

tungsten copper support plate


Tungsten copper support plate means it is used as a key foundation dedicated integrated circuit card module encapsulation material, primarily protects the chip and the role of integrated circuit chips and external interface as in the form of the strip, the surface will be gold-plated gold yellow.

Use Process

The specific use of the process: first by automatic placement machine IC card chip card IC package attached to the upper frame, and then use the integrated circuit chip bonders above contacts and IC card packaging framework to achieve the above connecting circuit node Unicom, the last use of packaging material to form an integrated circuit chip protected by an integrated circuit card modules, easy obtaining applications. Currently supply IC card packaging framework is imported.


In accordance with the purpose and form of IC card package substrate can be divided into 6PIN, 8PIN, dual interface and contactless package several framework, all of which are strictly in accordance with ISO standard (ISO) and International Electro technical Commission (IEC) to manufacturing, order processing automation in production after the Road. However, the surface pattern of the IC card package frame can be customized according to specific requirements.

According to the IC card package substrate material can be divided into: metal packaging IC card frame, epoxy encapsulated IC card frame two kinds. Currently the metal framework is mainly used for IC card package contactless IC card module, and packaged contactless IC card module is mainly IC card packaging framework epoxy substrate.


Tungsten copper support plate having both low expansion characteristics of tungsten, and high thermal conductivity properties have copper, especially valuable is that its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be designed by the adjustment of composition material and thus to the application of the material brought a great convenience.

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