Frequently Asked Questions

What is WCu?

Tungsten copper alloy, also known as CuW, W-Cu and copper tungsten, is a popular composite metal used in many industries due to its unique thermal conductivity properties among other reasons. The type of WCu Chinatungstetn works with consists mainly of tungsten (75%-90% in most cases) with the balance copper. The material has a CTE which matches several other key materials which means it can be used to make packages for high temperature and temperature cycling applications.

Why use WCu?

WCu is mainly used because it's CTE is a good match with other materials used to package lasers and other devices that may see high temperatures but need very fine accuracy (weapons systems, printing presses, laser mounts, many other applications). These features make WCu attractive for many other reasons:
-Heat resistant
-Ablate resistant
-Self cooling
-Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
-Low wear
-High contour sharpness
-Good machinability

What is Wolfram?

Wolfram is the classic name of tungsten, hence the W designation for tungsten on the periodic table.

How much does WCu cost?

Pricing depends on composition, size and tolerance etc. The material is more costly than copper and has been increasing but is still affordable.

What is the difference between 75/25 and 90/10 WCu?

Here is a list outlining a few differences
90/10 is approx. 14% more dense
90/10 thermal conduction is approx. 19% lower
90/10 CTE is 26% lower
90/10 is more expensive
90/10 has longer lead times

Any issues with porosity?

Yes. WCu must not be porous if it is to be plated. The material must be very dense in order to plate properly with various metals.

Can tungsten copper alloy be plated?

Yes, We regularly plates copper tungsten with nickel, silver, gold, copper, platinum, etc.

What is the smallest and largest part Chinatungten can make from WCu?

We can seal very small parts in the range of one millimeter. Each project is unique, contact us for a free design review and quote. Largest items are usually 8" in length, and more larger is acceptable but the cost will be higher, although these large pieces are infrequent.

How long does it take to fulfill my WCu order?

Lead times vary from project to project. Allow at least 2-3 weeks minimum. A typical lead time is 6 weeks which allows for tooling, plating and part marking. 90/10 material has the longest lead times, other grades can be manufactured slightly faster.

Does Chinatungsten sell tungsten copper alloy electrodes for EDM applications?

Yes, Chinatungsten provides these items. Let us know what size and any other specifications and we will provide a quote.

Is there anything special about machining tungsten copper alloy?

Copper tungsten is a specialty material which machines in a similar way to tungsten (prone to chipping, brittle). Carbide tools will be needed along with much patience. The material will eat up tools and machines so if it is possible to buy the parts already made and plated you might want to consider that.

We see spots on our tungsten copper alloy, can plating help this?

Not enough information. The spotting could be caused by poor material, porosity, soiling, poor cleaning process, poor packaging, etc. Usually, spotting is caused by porosity unless the part has been in storage for a long time or stored improperly. Plating might help but it may be impossible if the material is of poor quality. The type of plating to try would be nickel and then store the item in a vacuum sealed bag.

How can we protect our tungsten copper alloy from environmental damage?

Plating nickel and gold along with proper packaging and environmental control will preserve your WCu products for many years to come. A nickel coating without gold will be another, less rigorous, option.

Does Chinatungsten provide material certifications?

Yes, these certifications are available for no extra charge upon request.

Can threaded holes and other fine features be designed into WCu parts?

Yes, fine features and threaded holes are no problems.

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