Tungsten Copper Liner Preparation

In order to improve the performance and stability of tungsten and copper penetration liners, on the basis of traditional tungsten-copper preparation method, using mechanical alloying.
Of the mixed powder method, pressure-type mask blank pharmaceutical spin-molding press method, and then sintered under protective gas, methanol cracking, and ultimately prepare a tungsten-copper liners. Density by water displacement test tungsten copper Liner before and after sintering. The results show that: the density liners sintered density of the sintered tungsten copper than before to be lower, but its penetration performance of 603 homogeneous armor steel is superior penetration performance of copper plate liners, and copper plate cover compared to drug type, the penetration depth can be increased by 45%.

tungsten copper liner picture

To prepare tungsten copper shaped by powder metallurgy molding process generally includes: mixed powder, pressing, sintering, and performance testing process.

1. Mixed Powder Prepare
Selection of 1000m tungsten powder and 1000m copper powder with the ratio of 3: 1. The two powders as well as lubricants and adhesives and the ball together into the volume of 2000ml stainless steel tank, ball feed ratio of 8: 1, were milling in the QM-1-type vibration energy ball milling time of 3 hours using argon protection, resulting in uniform tungsten-copper mixed powder.

2、Tungsten Copper Liner Repression
In order to make the tungsten-copper powder pressed Liner has a uniform density distribution and stable performance, the choice of rotary die compaction spinning machine, spinning machine pressure of 50MPa, dwell time of 5s.

3、Tungsten Copper Liner Sintered
In order to improve the strength and performance of tungsten copper liners, under the protection of the methanol cracking gas for compression molding of tungsten copper shaped sintered to 10 ℃ / min rate of temperature increase, when raised to 1100 ℃ insulation 1h, then 5 ℃ / min speed cooling down to 350 ℃ when the insulation 1h, then cooled to room temperature with the furnace.

4、Tungsten Copper Liner Density Test
On the accuracy of 10-4g optical analytical balance, measured by water displacement before and after the sintered density of tungsten copper liners. Tungsten copper Density shaped charge is to take the average after three sample measured.

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