Tungsten Copper Die Casting Mold


Tungsten copper die casting mold is a kind of metal mold to form in the pressure casting process, which molten alloy filling under high temperature, high pressure and cooling solidification molding.


1. Fixed mold: fixed in the die-casting machine fixed-mounted plate, a sprue with the nozzle or pressure chamber connection;
2. Movable mold: fixed in the die-casting machine on the mounting plate, and follow the moving mold installation plate for the opening and closing mold moving mold, closed form cavity and casting system, liquid metal filled with high pressure cavity; Separated from the stationary mold, and the casting is pushed out by means of an ejection mechanism;
3. Cavity and core (inner and outer surface of the sprue and the gate);
4. Guide parts (guide pin and guide bushing);
5. Release mechanism: putter (thimble), reset lever, putter fixed plate, push plate, push plate guide column, push plate guide bushing;
6. Overflow system (overflow tank, exhaust slot), cooling system;
7. Support components: fixed mold, movable mold plate, pad (for assembly, positioning, installation).


Tungsten copper die casting mold is a big part of molding tool, in order to meet the higher demands, it must applied various surface treatment technology to improve the efficiency, precision and service life. There are many new technology appears constantly, it can be divided into three types:
1. Traditional heat treatment improvement;
2. Surface modification technology, including surface thermal expansion treatment, surface phase transformation strengthening, EDM technology;
3. Coating technology, including electroless plating.

tungsten copper lightning rod picturetungsten copper lightning rod picture

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