Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Feature

Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Feature

Grade Composite Properties
material Contentwt-% Densityg/cm3 CTEppm/K Electricity conductivity
W90Cu WCu 90±1余 17.0 6.5 180~190W/m.K
W85Cu WCu 85±1余 16.3 7.0 190~200W/m.K
W80Cu WCu 80±1余 15.7 8.3 200~210W/m.K
W75Cu WCu 75±1余 14.9 9.0 220~230W/m.K
Tungsten copper heat sinks by adjusting the tungsten content and copper content, tungsten copper heat sinks have its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) designed to match those of materials such as ceramics (Al2O3, BeO), semiconductors (Si), and metals (Kovar), etc. For tungsten copper alloy heat sink owns high heat conductivity and low thermal expansion are widely used in applications such as optoelectronics packages, Microwave Packages, C Packages, Laser Surmounts, etc. Tungsten copper heat sink can be used in below field:

(1) Ceramic material: Al2O3(A-90, A-95, A-99) , BeO(B-95、B-99) , AlN etc.;
(2) Semiconductor materials: Si、GaAs,SiGe,SiC, InGaP, InGaAs, InAlGaAs, AlGaInP and AlGaAs etc..
(3) Metallic materials: Kovar (4J29) , 42 alloy etc.;

tungsten copper heat sink picture   tungsten copper heat sink picture

Tungsten copper alloy, with high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is widely used in  high-power devices as heat sink. In recent years, domestic and foreign, many experts are keen on to the tungsten copper used for heat sink,. which include the powder modified to add the active agent in order to improve the sintered density of tungsten and copper. With the development of high-power electronic devices and large-scale integrated circuits, the proposed upgrading of the requirements of the appropriate materials with silicon, tungsten-copper composite material has high heat resistance and good thermal conductivity, and gallium arsenide, and ceramic materials to match the thermal expansion coefficient, tungsten copper has become the new electronics packaging and heat sink materials.

At present, the density of the tungsten copper can be up to 99% , which is used by high purity powders of raw materials, the thermal conductivity of W-15Cu materials up to 200W / (m • k). As electronic packaging and heat sink materials have higher requirements for quality and performance of the tungsten-copper materials, the requirement is not only high purity but also should be uniform, low air leakage, thermal conductivity and good thermal expansion coefficient is small,  strictly control the production process and product quality is needed.

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