Tungsten Copper Process — Co-reduction

Tungsten copper co-reduction process is a kind of method sintering in reductive atmosphere after mixing tungsten and copper oxides powder, pressing and forming. Tungsten copper co-reduction powder in the high dispersion state of the capillary effect alone by the particle rearrangement can be achieved tungsten copper full densification, the sintering of the relative density of nearly 100%.

Co-reduction method for preparing tungsten copper is as follows:
Tungsten trioxide + copper oxide (cuprous oxide)—mixed in proportion → Mechanical ball milling (850℃, H2) → Co-reduction → pressing (1150~1400℃, H2, 2h) → Sintering. Co - reduction method can be made with φ (Cu)> 25% of the tungsten copper material, the relative density of almost 99%, but for the φ (Cu) <20% of the tungsten copper material, this method produces relatively low density of products. Although tungsten copper prepared by co-reduction method has excellent performance, it still has some difficulties in mass-production. On the one hand, its process is relatively complex, the low production efficiency and is difficult to control the reduction process of hydrogen; on the other hand, it is only suitable for tungsten copper with copper content higher than 25%, not for the content lower than 20%.

tungsten copper electrode parts picture

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