Tungsten Copper Contactor


Tungsten copper contactor can quickly cut off the exchange and DC main circuit and can be frequently connected with the high current control (up to 800A) circuit device. So it often used in the motor as a control object can also be used to control the factory equipment, electric heater, machine tools and machine tools all kinds of electric power units and other power load. It can not only turn on and off the circuit, but also has a low voltage release protection, suitable for frequent operation and remote control.


When the contactor coil is energized, the coil current generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field generated by the static core to produce electromagnetic attraction to attract the core, and drive AC contactor action, normally closed contact open, normally open contact closure, the two are linked. When the coil is out of power, the electromagnetic attraction disappears, the release of the role of the release armature spring, the contact recovery, normally open contact open, and normally closed contact closure.


The AC contactor utilizes the main tungsten copper contact to control the circuit and the auxiliary contact to turn on the control loop. The main contacts are normally open contacts, and auxiliary contacts are often two pairs of normally open contacts and normally closed contacts, small contactors are often used as an intermediate relay with the main circuit. AC contactor contacts, made of tungsten copper alloy, have good electrical conductivity and high temperature ablation. AC contactor power from AC movement with the core coil with the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic core from the two "mountain" shaped silicon steel sheet stack, one of the fixed core, with a coil, the operating voltage can be a variety of options. In order to stabilize the magnetic force, the core of the suction surface with short-circuit ring.

tungsten copper contact picture tungsten copper contact picture

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