Tungsten Copper Contact for Arc Extinguisher


Tungsten copper contact for arc extinguisher mainly used in extinguishing arc when switch on/off in case of arc erosion. According to working principle, it can be divided into traditional arc extinguisher and electronic arc extinguisher.


Tungsten copper contact for arc extinguisher mainly used in electronic arc extinguisher, used to eliminate the inductive load in the loss of electricity generated when the acoustic power to suppress the resulting interference, to prevent the drive components or contacts from damage. It can inhibit the electromagnetic interference by the spark to keep work stable and extend service life. Tungsten copper contact for arc extinguisher has small size, light weight, low power consumption and is suitable for high operating frequency. Electronic arc extinguisher can effectively avoid the contactor damage caused by arc sputtering and improve the electrical life.


1. Wiring should ensure that it does not loose, poor contact will significantly reduce the arc extinguishing effect;
2. Ensure used within the rated voltage range, or it will be burn easily;
3. Design and installation, the lead wire should be as short as possible and near the coil (30mm in general);
4. Notice the polarity, reversed contact will burn out arc extinguisher.

tungsten copper contact picture tungsten copper contact picture

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