Tungsten Copper User Notess

Tungsten Copper User Notes

[User guideline]
Please make sure the product you received without any defect, short quantity or the other
abnormal. If you found it, please inform us immediately. Copper tungsten alloy and silver tungsten is high density alloy, pay attention before you handle it.

[Product appearance]
Copper tungsten alloy shows different luster depend on the machining method. Without any reason to justify different tungsten composition only base on the product's luster.

[Machining notes]
Since copper tungsten alloy and silver tungsten is the pseudo alloy, it is easy to be damaged when drill the hole or machining the thin wall. Control and bit speed or put it above the stone before drilling is effect way to get good result. Please contact us if you have any question.

[Plating notes]
Copper tungsten alloy can't be cleaned by the strong acid or alkali. Plating process should be well controlled to get good result. The quality of plating depends on many factors.

[Quality notes]
Our copper tungsten alloy follows the GB/T8320- 2003 and ASTM B 702-93. Silver tungsten follow the GB/T8320-2003 and ASTM B663-94, Most of time the copper tungsten alloy and silver tungsten product chemical composition and manufactory process need be defined by the actual application to get the best result. Please contact us to understand the need.

Any feedback or inquiry of Tungsten Copper Alloy Products please feel free to contact us:
Email: sales@chinatungsten.com
Tel.: +86 592 512 9696 ; +86 592 512 9595
Fax.: +86 592 512 9797