Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Used for Electronic Radiator


Tungsten copper heat sink used for electronic radiator is also called as tungsten copper radiator, which can take heat away and cool down without external power supply.


1. Aluminum-extruded heat sink: Aluminum purity is more than 98%, low density, good thermal conductivity and low costs;
2. Aluminum-casted heat sink: Soft texture, large cooling area, low production costs;
3. Copper and copper alloy cutting heat sink: In order to meet the constant heat dissipating capacity of CPU, it should use copper and copper alloy, which has higher hardness and better performance in thermal conductivity.


In terms of heat sink materials, each one has different thermal conductivity. According to the thermal conductivity of high to low is silver, copper, aluminum, and steel. However, the silver for the heat sink will be too expensive, the best solution for the use of copper. Although the aluminum is much cheaper, obviously is not as good thermal conductivity of copper and its alloys (only about 50% of copper). Commonly used heat sink material is copper alloy and aluminum alloy, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Copper has better performance in thermal conductivity, but it has high cost, large in weight, but easy to oxidize. And aluminum is not sufficient in hardness and not good as copper in thermal conductivity.

tungsten copper heat sink picturetungsten copper heat sink picture

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