Tungsten Copper Process – High-temperature Liquid Phase Sintering

Tungsten copper high-temperature liquid phase sintering prepares tungsten and copper by mixing and mixing tungsten powder and copper powder in a certain proportion, mixing (adding lubricant at the same time), forming, and sintering and densifying the material at the temperature between the melting point of copper and tungsten.

Because of the poor wettability of the liquid phase copper on the tungsten surface in the ordinary state, the sintering densification process does not occur when the tungsten copper is prepared by the ordinary powder mixing + shaping + sintering process. The mechanism of particle rearrangement plays an important role in the process. In order to improve the density, it should be re-pressure, hot pressing, hot forging and other treatment after liquid sintering.
Although it has simple operation, it has high sintering temperature, long-time sintering, poor sintering performance, which can only reach 90%~95% of theoretical density.

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