Tungsten Copper Liner Penetration Performance

Theoretical density tungsten copper liner is 14.9g / cm3, pressed unsintered tungsten copper shaped charge density of 13.4g / cm3, porosity is 10%, the density of sintered tungsten copper shaped charge is 12 .9g / cm3, porosity of 13.5%. Density did not increase but decrease after sintering. On the one hand, in order to improve tungsten copper shaped molding effect, added to the mixed powder lubricant and a binder and other additives in high-temperature sintering stage, be volatile and decompose, forming voids between the particles. On the other hand, the methanol cracked gas during the sintering start protection, these gases in the molten copper particles not yet started when, through the holes into the gap between the particles, which increases the liquid copper infiltrated tungsten particles with stuffer resistance. These pores in the copper melting and closing the pores formed in the surface of the material, thus reducing the density of sintered tungsten copper liner.

603 armored steel jet penetration test results and tungsten copper shaped copper plate liners formed as shown in Table 3. As can be seen from Table 3, the jet tungsten copper shaped jet is formed with copper plate liners have formed stable penetration performance. Its wear deeper than jet liners copper plate is formed to increase 45 percent through deep.

Table 3 Test Result

No.   Wearing dark (mm)
Copper Liner Tungsten Copper Liner
1 99 147
2 101 145
3 103 142
4 97 144
5 99 147
Average 100 145

The fluid dynamics theory Shaped Jet Penetration of Shaped Jet on Target's wearing dark P can be expressed as:
P = L (ρj / ρt)
Where: L is the length of the jet; ρj of jet density; ρt is the density of the target plate.

Prepared by the formula can be drawn tungsten copper liners for steel target plate 603 is wearing dark copper plate liners for 603 steel target plate wear dark 1.2 times, while it can be seen from Table 3 test out The result is 1.45 times more than the expected results.

By the shock wave and powder liners role wave line graph and the equation of state of the powder material shows that increasing the porosity of powder liners can be increased after the shock of tungsten copper shaped shock rise, so the jet temperature is improved, so help to improve the toughness of the jet and the jet breaking time delay.

Due to the volatile decomposition and protective gas into the pores of lubricant and a binder, the molten copper liners these pore sealing surface, so that the density of tungsten copper shaped sintered density lower than before sintering.

Compared with the copper liners penetration performance, tungsten, copper Liner has better penetration properties, 603 for penetration of armor steel, the wear deeper than the penetration depth of copper liners increased by 45%. This shows that the tungsten copper Liner has better prospects.

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