70W30Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy

70W30Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Porperties

3、Conductivity:42 IACS%
4、Hardness:>175 HB

70W30Cu tungsten copper alloy electrode is the use of high-purity tungsten metal powder excellent characteristics and plasticity, high conductivity copper powder of high purity, etc., by isocratic pressing, high temperature sintering, melting refined copper from infiltration process of composite materials.

Tungsten copper alloy combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, in which a high melting point of tungsten (tungsten melting point of 3410 ℃, copper melting point 1080 ℃), high density (tungsten density of 19.34g / cm, copper density of 8.89 / cm3); excellent thermal conductivity properties of copper, tungsten copper alloy (composition generally ranges WCu7 ~ WCu50) uniform microstructure, high temperature, high strength, resistance to arc erosion, high density; moderate conductivity, thermal conductivity, high temperature materials are widely used in military, high-voltage switch with electrical alloy, EDM electrode, microelectronic materials, parts and components as widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries.

70W30Cu tungsten and copper products discharge wire cutting speed is relatively slow, is a normal phenomenon. Tungsten copper alloy is used as missiles in aerospace, the rocket engine nozzle, gas rudder, air rudder, the nose, the main requirement is to require high temperature (3000K ~ 5000K), high temperature air erosion capacity, the main use of copper at high temperatures sweating refrigeration volatile form of (copper melting point of 1083 ℃), reducing the surface temperature of tungsten copper, ensure that the use in extreme conditions at high temperatures.

70W30Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Application

70W30Cu tungsten copper alloy have a broader purpose, mainly used to make contact and the rocket nozzle throat insert, rudder and other high-temperature components of the anti-high-voltage electrical arc ablation switch is also used as electrode machining, mold and high temperature other requirements of high temperature thermal conductivity properties and occasions for use. At the same time also be used as contact pressure, ultra hydraulic switch and circuit breaker protection ring, electric upsetting anvil block material for automatic submerged arc welding conductive, plasma cutting machine nozzles, welding, welding head , seam welding wheel, sealed gas Mao electrode and spark electrode point, spot welding, butt welding materials.

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