Tungsten Copper Contact for Vacuum Breaker


Tungsten copper contact for vacuum breaker has small volume, light weight and suitable for frequent operation and been widely used in distribution network. Both of arc-quenching medium and the gap after the arc after the insulation medium are in vacuum state.


Vacuum circuit breaker mainly includes three parts: vacuum interrupter, electromagnetic or spring operating mechanism, bracket and other components. The vacuum interrupter also consists of three parts:
1. Airtight insulation system (housing): The airtight insulation system made of ceramic, glass or glass-ceramic is a vacuum-tight container, which is made of airtight insulating cylinder, movable end cover, fixed end cover and stainless steel bellows. In order to ensure the hermeticity, except the strict process, it also demands good permeability and low gas content of materials;
2. Conductive system: It consists of conductive rod, fixed arc surface, fixed contact, moving contact, moving arc surface, moving conductive rod. At present, it mainly uses vertical magnetic field technology, such arc quenching chamber has strong and stable arc breaking capacity;
3. Shielding system: Shield is vacuum interrupter indispensable components, and there are around the contact of the main shield, bellows shield and pressure shielding with a variety of shielding. It plays an important role in improving the uniformity of electric field distribution and promoting recovery of gap medium strength


1. Small size, light weight, short opening distance of contact, 10KV vacuum circuit breaker contacts opening distance only about 10mm, and long service life;
2. Short arc time and do not related with the current, generally only half-cycle, suitable for breaking capacitive load current;
3. After the arc extinguishing, the contact gap media recovery speed is fast;
4. Due to the small wear of current breaking, the contact service life is longer, full capacity of breaking up to 30-50 times, rated current breaking up to 5000 times more, the noise is suitable for frequent operation.

tungsten copper contact picture tungsten copper contact picture

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