Tungsten Copper Arc Melting Method


Tungsten copper arc melting method uses fusible electrode in a vacuum or inert atmosphere for self-consumption melting, the rapid solidification - aging - solution treatment to obtain fine-grained dense tungsten copper alloy material. It has high density, small density segregation and good corrosion resistance.


Vacuum electric arc furnace consists of furnace, power supply, vacuum system, electronic control system, optical system and water cooling system. The furnace part is composed of furnace shell, electrode, crystallizer and electrode lifting device. In the processing, a low-voltage (20-40 V) high current (several kA) is established between the electrode (negative electrode) and the water-cooled copper crystallizer (positive electrode) to generate an arc discharge, which melts the metal by the heat released from the arc . Electric furnace is generally DC power supply, according to the electrode consumption, it can be divided into Non-consumable electrode arc furnace melting and consumable electrode arc furnace melting.


1. Direct heating: The arc is generated between the electrode rod and the smelted charge, the charge is directly heated by the arc, and the arc is the sole source of heat for the smelting. It can be specifically divided into:
a. Non-vacuum direct heating three-phase arc melting: More common in the steelmaking process, the electric arc furnace slag inside the furnace can be controlled by the atmosphere to weak oxidizing or even reduction. It has low consumption of alloy in electric arc furnace and easier adjustment, which is suitable for smelting advanced alloy steel;
b. Arc furnace melting: It is mainly used for melting titanium, zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and other lively and high melting point metals and their alloys, but also for melting heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, tool steel, bearing steel and other alloy steel.
2. Indirect heating: The arc is generated between the two graphite electrodes, and the charge is indirectly heated by the arc. This melting method is mainly used for melting copper and copper alloy.

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