Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Used for Microwave Component


Working in the microwave band (frequency 300 ~ 300000 MHz) of the device, known as microwave components. Microwave devices can be divided into microwave oscillators (microwave sources), power amplifiers, mixers, detectors, microwave antennas, microwave transmission lines according to their functions. Tungsten copper heat sink used for microwave component plays an important role in mechanical support and heat conductivity, which is one of the important parts of microwave system.


The microwave components can be divided into microwave electric vacuum devices, microwave semiconductor devices, microwave integrated circuits (solid state devices) and microwave power modules according to their working principle, materials and processes. Microwave electric vacuum devices include klystron, traveling wave tube, magnetron, back wave tube, gyrotron, virtual cathode oscillator, the use of electronic movement in the vacuum and interaction with the external circuit oscillation, amplification, mixing, etc. Microwave semiconductor devices including microwave transistors and microwave diodes, with a small size, light weight, low power consumption, etc., but in high-frequency, high-power case, can not completely replace the electrical vacuum devices. Microwave integrated circuit is a circuit with a microwave function of semiconductor technology in the gallium arsenide or other semiconductor material chip, the formation of functional blocks, has a broad application prospect in solid-state phased array radar, electronic countermeasures equipment, missile electronic equipment, microwave communications systems and ultra-high-speed computer.


Solid-state microwave power device combination of devices, with high efficiency, ease of use and other advantages of radar, communications, electronic warfare and other electronic equipment to achieve all-solid state is important. Tungsten copper heat sink for microwave oscillator (microwave source) is an important device in the microwave system is the heart of electronic equipment; its performance has a direct impact. For example, in a high power microwave weapon system, the high power microwave oscillator determines its killing efficiency; in a radar system, the microwave oscillator determines the radar's range. Microwave oscillator will develop further to high power, high efficiency, miniaturization, power consumption, low cost direction.

tungsten copper heat sink picturetungsten copper heat sink picture

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