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90W10Cu Tungsten Copper Properties


90W10Cu Tungsten Copper Preparation

90W10Cu tungsten copper alloy mainly used to suppress the high-speed technology to prepare, and then in 1400 ℃ high temperature hydrogen furnace infiltrated get 90W-10Cu composite. Research repression affect the quality of the pyrometer compacts green density and microstructure of. The results of surface, with the suppression of the temperature rise, the compact density, high-speed suppression obtained at 950 ℃ relative density greater than 80.65% of W skeleton dense tungsten particles connection, distribution, pore connectivity is good. Compacts increases quality, due to the applied energy density is reduced, leading to the green density decreases. By twice the height of repression, the green density further increase; the relative density of 99.5% 90W10Cu materials, thermal conductivity 175W / (mK), tungsten copper alloy 90W10Cu indicators have reached the requirements of the appropriate heat sink material.

90W10Cu Tungsten Copper Properties Conclusion

1, At 950 ℃ high speed pressing attainable relative density greater than 80.65% of W skeleton, by infiltration get 90W10Cu composites.
2, At room temperature, 600 ℃, 950 ℃ for high-speed tungsten preform pressing, pressing as the temperature rises, the green density increases.
3, High velocity compaction,  powder mass increases, due to the ability of additional density decreases, resulting green density decreases. With the increase in the number of high-speed pressing, green density is improved.
4, Using high-speed pressing technology combined with infiltration of 90W-10Cu preparation material and the thermal expansion coefficient and other indicators have reached the requirements of the appropriate heat sink material.

90W10Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Appication

90W10Cu tungsten copper alloy is mainly used for the production of heat sink material, and due to better performance in all aspects 90W10Cu tungsten copper alloy is also used primarily military.

90W10Cu Tungsten Copper Alloy Phase Diagram

90W10Cu tungsten cppper phase diagram picture

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