Copper Tungsten Contact Tips

Copper Tungsten Contact Tips
A copper tungsten contact tips used with the electrode of a resistance welder. The contact tip includes a bore that has an insert of blended tungsten and copper inserted therein. Prior to insertion of the insert into the bore, the bore is lined with a composition containing silver. A brazing process can be utilized to enhance attachment of the insert to the contact tip.

In the most general sense, the present invention relates to contact tips for resistance welders. The contact tip has a body that is provided with a recess at a first end and a bore at a second end. Bodies are made of at least 99.0% w/w copper. An insert of tungsten, tellurium and copper or tungsten, chromium, zirconium, silver tungsten, tellurium and copper is inserted into the body's bore. In preferred embodiments, the insert has a convex end and extends more than 3.175 mm beyond the outer periphery of the body. A layer of a composition containing silver is brazed to the bore prior to insertion of the insert.

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The copper tungsten contact tips are attached to a resistance welder. Among other things, the current contact tip is particularly useful when attached to the electrode of a resistance welder. Within the scope of the present invention, contact tips have inserts composed of blends of tungsten, tellurium and copper or tungsten, chromium, zirconium, silver tungsten, tellurium and copper. In practice, after the insert is inserted into the bore of the body of the contact tip, the insert abuts the silver layer brazed on to the bore.

Group of companies offers copper tungsten contact tips. Group of companies is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Copper tungsten contact tips are manufactured wherein sintered skeleton of tungsten is impregnated with copper. The erosion pattern of this material is far superior to materials produced by other production techniques. Copper tungsten contact tips maintain quite regular shape under extreme arcing conditions and have only uniform roughening effect without cracks and burn-off droplets. Copper tungsten contact tips find applications in SF-6 circuit breaker, load break switches, transformer step switches, and resistance welding electrode and spark erosion electrodes.

tungsten copper contact tip picture tungsten copper contact tip picture

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