Tungsten Copper Heat Sink Performance

Tungsten copper heat sink has excellent mechanical property and conductivity, which has a broad prospect in electrical processing, heat sink and aerospace. It mainly evaluated by hermeticity, hardness, conductivity and CTE.


It also called as sealing performance, which is the most important property for heat sink. It refers to the outside dust or other impurities can not reach the amount of access to prevent the normal operation of the equipment to the extent of dustproof, waterproof level.


The mass of some substance per unit volume is called density of this material, which is a reflection of the physical properties of the material in physics. Tungsten copper heat sink density usually from 11.5 to 17.2g/cm3.


The capacity of resisting a hard object pressed into its surface is called as hardness in physics. And tungsten copper heat sink hardness is the basic indicator to evaluate the materials if soft or hard.


The capability of current conduction is called as conductivity. Different proportion tungsten copper has different conductivity, which higher Cu content rod has higher electrical conductivity. Usually use σ to represent its conductivity.

CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

Tungsten copper heat CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) represents the variation of length by temperature changes under constant pressure. And the unit of metal CTE is 1/℃.

tungsten copper heat sink picturetungsten copper heat sink picture

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