Tungsten Copper Bar

What is tungsten copper bar?

Tungsten copper bar is a combination of tungsten and copper. The manufacturing process is as follows: press the refractory metal, sinter the pressed compact at a high temperature, and infiltrate it with copper. All this is done under very closely controlled conditions. The result is a relatively hard material with superior arc and wear resistance, high physical Properties: at elevated temperatures, and good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Applications For Tungsten Copper Bar

Because of the high eletrical conductivity and low consumption, tungsten copper bars are widely used to make Grid siderod, Lead, Support, Electrode for the Gas discharge lamp.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar

1. Resistance Welding Electrode

It integrates such features of tungsten and copper as high temperature resistance, electrical arc ablation resistance, high proportion, good electrical and heat conductivity, being easy to cut and transpiration cooling. It also owns such advantages of tungsten as high hardness, melting point and adherence resistance. It is often used for projection welding and butt-welding electrode with wear and high temperature resistance.

2. Electric Spark Electrode

Tungsten copper bar is used for the electrode of mould made from tungsten steel and high-temperature and ultra hard alloy. The common electrode has high consumption and low rate. The high electrical ablation rate, low consumption ratio, precise electrode size and quality processing performance of tungsten copper can ensure that the precision of the work piece is greatly enhanced.

3. High-voltage Discharge Tube Electrode

When the high-voltage vacuum discharge tube is working, the temperature of contact material will rise to thousands degree centigrade within several tenths seconds. High ablation resistance, high toughness, good electrical and heat conductivity of tungsten copper provide necessary conditions to stable operation of the discharge tube.

4. Electrical Seal Material

Tungsten copper bar owns not only the low expansion of tungsten and high heat conductivity of copper. Its expansion index and heat conductivity can also be changed through changing the content of the materials, which provides convenience to the using of the material.We can supply various specifications and the tungsten copper alloys with different tungsten proportions.

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