Copper Tungsten Contact Parts

Copper Tungsten Contact Parts

Chinatungsten Online offers copper tungsten contact parts. Copper tungsten contact parts is manufactured wherein sintered skeleton of Tungsten is impregnated with copper. The erosion pattern of this material is far superior to materials produced by other production techniques. Copper tungsten contact parts maintain quite regular shape under extreme arcing conditions and has only uniform roughening effect without cracks and burn-off droplets. Copper tungsten contact parts find applications in SF-6 circuit breaker, load break switches, transformer step switches [OLTC], resistance welding electrode and spark erosion electrodes.

tungsten-copper-blank picture tungsten copper rod picture

As there is a huge distance between the tungsten and copper of the melting point, so we can adopt high temperature liquid sintering method to make tungsten copper alloy, through which densification its density at the temperature higher than copper melting point.

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