Tungsten Copper For EDM and ECM

Tungsten copper alloy (WCu) are used worldwide for EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and ECM (Electrochemical Machining) electrodes. All material is manufactured by the press, sinter, and infiltrate process. Virgin powders are used, resulting in a consistent homogeneous material giving high and even burning rates. Copper tungsten is used in plunger/sinker applications where intricate definition is required, especially in tungsten carbide.

Tungsten copper for EDM and ECM applications are far superior when fine surface finishes, deep narrow slots or ribs and small precise holes are required. Tungsten alloys are preferred when matching extremely detailed sections. In the ECM process, Copper-Tungsten withstands erosive effects of short circuit malfunctions far better than other materials.

Tungsten Copper for ECM Material Grade

Grade Description % RWMA Class Density Elect Cond % IACS Hardness
S15WC Tungsten Copper 70 30 EDM ECM 14.25 44-52 90-96 RB
S10WC Tungsten Copper 75 25 11 14.80 42-50 96-99 RB
S30WC Tungsten Copper 80 20 12 15.60 41-49 99-104 RB
S20WS Tungsten Silver 78 22 EDM ECM 15.56 48-53 90-100 RB

We offer a full compliment of metallic electrode materials and sizes. It may carry a full range of brass, copper, tungsten, tungsten carbide, copper tungsten and tellurium copper.
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Recommended Usage: Copper tungsten is a sintered and infiltrated electrode material which combines the strength, high density, and high melting point of tungsten with the excellent electrical properties and good resistance against DC arcing of copper to form an unbeatable combination.

Tungsten Copper for ECM Typical Average Properties
1) Density: 14.0 gms/cc
2) Rockwell Hardness: 90 B
3) Electrical Conductivity: 48% I.A.C.S.
4) Copper Content: 25-30%
5) Tungsten Content: 70-75%

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