Tungsten Copper Electrical Contacts

The high Electrical & thermal conductivity of copper are combined with the arc-resistant & non-welding properties of tungsten or their carbides to form an extensive series of compositions each designed to give the best performance for your particular application. These materials are used for such heavy duty contact applications as:

  • Circuit breakers, air; oil immersed
  • Arcing tips or arc runners
  • Make break contacts
  • Heavy duty conductors, relays; switches.

tungsten copper electrical contacts picturetungsten copper electrical contacts picture

Product Standard:   GB/T 8320-2003

The high electrical and thermal conductivity of tungsten copper alloy allows a cool, effective transfer of power, while the excellent arc-resistance properties of tungsten copper minimize arc erosion and transfer problems. These characteristics can be varied by composition more silver or copper yields higher electrical and thermal conductivity, while a higher refractory metal content results in superior arc erosion properties. We offer a variety of composites to meet your demands. Regardless of the environment (oil-filled devices, air and gas circuit breakers, contactors, high voltage switch gear) or the application (arcing contacts and plates, arc runners, current carrying members and blade facings), you won't be disappointed in electrical contacts made from our copper tungsten composites.





Electrical Conductivity


CuW 60



145 HV

52% IACS

Arcing Contact

CuW 70

70% W


197 HV

46% IACS

Arcing Contact Vacuum Switch

CuW 72

72% W


200 HV

40% IACS

Spark Erosion & Electro Chemical Machining

CuW 75

75% W


220 HV

44% IACS

Arcing Contact

CuW 75



240 HV

40% IACS

Projection Welding

CuW 78

78% W


230 HV

40% IACS

Arc Contact resistance welding

CuW 80

80% W


235 HV

40% IACS

Arcing Contact

CuWC 67

67% WC


350 HV

32% IACS

Electrical Upsetting

Tungsten copper electrical contactsWe will analyze your application & recommend sintered materials to suit your requirements. We can often suggest design revisions that may improve the performance of the product & reduce your costs.From simple to complex geometry, Chinatungsten produces custom electrical contacts that meet the demands of customer applications. A variety of shapes and sizes for contact requirements are possible because of powder metal technology.

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