Tungsten Copper Alloy Military Gas Vane

Tungsten copper alloy military gas vane is a device for controlling aircraft; rockets, spacecraft, and the like during those parts of a flight where gas vanes are not effective. Tungsten copper alloy military gas vanes vary in design from plates that change the thrust direction of a gas flow to complicated guide vanes. In aircraft, gas vanes are used during take off and landing conditions .While in rockets and spacecraft they are used during the initial portions of a flight and for control in non atmospheric conditions.

The theory is that when the solid rocket motor outbursts the high temperature, high speed gas flow, tungsten copper military gas vane can make the copper molten in the structure of tungsten skeleton infiltrate, evaporate, then effusion.

tungsten copper gas vane picture tungsten copper bar picture

When the tungsten copper alloy changing in the phase state, tungsten copper need to intake large mount of heat for the sake of cooling, and the good thermal conductivity of cooper makes the tungsten copper alloy military gas vane with the function of cooling and keep the ablativity at low extent to satisfy the requirements of controlling system.

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